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Increased map size and bug fix(es)

The premium map size has been increased from 10K to 15K entries when geo-coding is necessary.  This means it could take upwards of 8 minutes to generate a large map based on a rate of 35-40/addresses per second.  The quota was also increased.  Quotas are mainly to prevent abuse, we can remove used items from the quota if needed.  There was a lot of abuse in our old free system.

A big bug was also fixed in the image/pdf generator where it would be not add pins in certain cases and the size was larger than it should have been.  There are likely still some bugs with the pdf/image generator since it is fairly new and we haven’t tested all the kinds of maps that will be thrown at it.  Definitely let us know if there are issues with it.

As always, get mapping.

The EasyMapMaker Team

High Resolution images and pro and premium (subscription) services

The long awaited high resolution image generator has finally been released along with our subscription services.  Plenty of people have been asking about paying for our service.

Some of the added features include:

  1. High speed geo-coding, up to 50 addresses per second for datasets larger than 250 entries.  We might be able to bump this up to 100.  In reality it is more likely to be around 35-40 entries per second.  Maps that would take 4 hours (9,000 entries) with the old bulk geo-coder can be done in 4-5 minutes.  High speed geo-coding is queue based, so if someone were to attempt 100K items everyone would wait for them.  For now there is a limit of 10K items that can be added to a premium map.  This should prevent any major delays.  Small datasets will also not be “forced” to wait behind any larger jobs.
  2. Automatic image exporting.  This includes radius around a point, pin labels, custom images, and optionally a category legend.  Currently this is limited in size to 10800×7200, but our image generator has produced images as large as 14400×10800.  We hope to add custom poster size images in the future.
  3. A small addition is fixed pin numbers.  When you have between 1 and 99 locations, you can have a numbered column and use that value.
  4. “Improved” marker images.  We made an attempt to improve the pin images.

All maps created before 9/30/2017 will continue to use the old code base and retain whatever features they had.

A brief history of EasyMapMaker is we started out with a mission to bring affordable maps with rich features to those who did not want to pay high prices for few features.  Our goal is to continue to add features as requested by users.  Plenty of features have come from user requests, such as radius around a point, custom images, custom logo, and passwords.  Most of these features have gone into our subscription bucket.


As always, get mapping.

The EasyMapMaker Team


Faster map loading for large data sets

We released another improvement to allow maps to load and perform much better when clustering is enabled for large data sets.  Maps with over 100K locations now work, but still have some lag.  The overall improvement for the initial loading of the pins has been improved by up to a factor of 100.  Please note this is not for map creation, it is after the map has been created for others to view. 

We recommend limiting maps to under 50K locations.  While having over 100K will work and perform reasonable well.  Large data sets (anything over 3K locations) should have clustering enabled otherwise.  Maps with over 20K locations without clustering will render very slowly.

A few other bugs were fixed as well.

The EasyMapMaker Team

P.S. As always get mapping!

Map Styles to further customize maps

In advanced maps, we added 15 predefined maps styles (including the default).  In addition, you can create your own style using Google’s styling wizard ( ) or you can use a style found somewhere else.


To create your own style select the custom style and paste the JSON data obtained from Google’s styling wizard or another site of your choice.


The EasyMapMaker Team


Hide Points of Interest & Easier Zooming

We added a couple more features, fixed some bugs and improved other items.  The new features are:

  1. Hide Points of Interest – this will hide things like restaurant icons and other icons that are visible and possibly undesirable when zooming in
  2. Easily zoom in to a marker with the new zoom icon.  This should be present when an address is displayed.
  3. The paging buttons have been moved down towards the bottom of the page for maps viewed on a PC.

Enjoy the changes.

The EasyMapMaker Team

P.S.  As Always, Get Mapping!

Map navigation, clustering and other custom updates

We did a release last week to add some more great features to EasyMapMaker including the following:

  1. Ip Address geo-coding.  Some information will get added such as city, state, and zip code if these can be determined
  2. Ability to hide the logo when using advanced maps
  3. Set the text for your custom logo
  4. Set the url for your custom logo
  5. Automatic image sizing for different devices
  6. Ability to select a color when not using groups
  7. The Mouse-Over value can now be set from a column instead of defaulting to the title
  8. The Pin-Labels can be hidden when zoomed out of the map
  9. The clustering value can be changed from the default pin count to the average/min/max/total of a dollar or numerical value from the data.
  10. When doing a search on the map, a pin can be added to the search location using advanced maps.
  11. A refresh button was added to “reset the map”
  12. The navigation was moved and the functionality was updated so the small circle will follow you as you move.

Thank you for all the great suggestions.  We plan to add some more great features shortly including hiding of the points of interest and the ability to easily zoom in onto a pin.

As always, get mapping!

The EasyMapMaker Team

Radius (circle) around each pin

Another great feature was added to EasyMapMaker due to quite a few requests.  We added the option on advanced maps to add a circle around all your markers.  You can either use one of our predefined values or set your own in based on your data.  This feature can be combined with pin labels to label the marker (and circle).  During editing the circle will move if you move the marker.

Adding Radius around a point

Adding Radius around a point

For a sample look at : Map with circles around the pins.

The EasyMapMaker Team

P.S. As Always Get Mapping!

Even easier to make a custom google map

More improvements were made to  You can now drag and drop your excel file into the form or use the traditional copy/paste method.   Another great change is the ability to edit and resave the map from both the map create and map edit page.  The map is now wider as well.  This should make EasyMapMaker the best place for creating custom google maps from your address data!

The latitude and longitude coordinates are now longer displayed in the table.   We wanted to make sure we were in compliance with google’s terms.

As always, get mapping!

The EasyMapMaker Team.