Premium Big Data Plan (closed)

There has been a lot of confusion with the premium big data plan, so this has been removed from new subscriptions.   This is still available for those who are already subscribed to it.  It supports up to 100K locations, but the latitude and longitude are required.  There was a lot of confusion about this plan since people would subscribe to it hoping to map 30K+ addresses without the latitude and longitude.  This takes too much time using the 50 address/second geo-coder.  A request has been put in with Google to increase this speed.

We are very sorry for the confusion this has created.  The premium plan with up to 15K locations per map is available.

The EasyMapMaker Team

Slightly faster geo-coding and description copying

Some changes were done to improve geo-coding speed.  This should allow the rate for larger datasets (over 1,000 locations) to hit close to 50 addresses per second plus a few seconds for overhead.  For datasets over 5,000 locations the rate has been measured over 49.7 addresses/second.  Previously the rate could vary from 25-45 addresses per second.  A single address generally takes less than 1 second (Google’s goal is less than 3 seconds), so these requests run in parallel.  Another improvement is a cache can be used when creating a new map (with under 1500 locations) when all the addresses have successfully been geo-coded before.  This will result in the map being generated really fast.  Another change was the dataset size to use the server side geo-coder has been reduced to 60 addresses.

The server side geo-coder is queue based, so if someone has a dataset of 15,000 locations and someone comes behind them a minute later,  the result could be a 4 minute wait.  As a result, really small address sizes (under 60) will not use the fast geo-coder in order to avoid potentially waiting a few minutes when the slow geo-coder can process them faster.

Finally, the last change was the ability to copy the description to the clipboard to paste it somewhere.  This should work on iphones and ipads with IOs 10 or 11.  It should not work on IOs 9 or below.   It will most likely work on newer android devices as well.

copy marker description