Export distance from a location

The distance from any point to the other locations can now be exported.   Use the nearby filter and export options (see https://www.easymapmaker.com/support/how-can-i-export-data-to-excel-within-a-radius/).  Also enable the show distance option when filtering by radius.  A column will be added to the exported excel file and will have a header value of something similar to:  “distance from 1415 E ILLINOIS Dallas, TX 75212 in miles”

The circle radius now appears in the generated image or pdf file when downloading the pdf or image of the map.

Finally, the newest version of the google maps api is being used (3.30).  Google updates this a few times per year.  No major changes should be noticed, but a fix was made to allow embedded maps to work better on mobile and tablet devices.  Legacy/free maps created before October, 2017 are deprecated, so changes Google makes to the api will flow through without 100% backward compatibility.  These deprecated free maps will most likely be migrated to the new system on October 2018 (along with the limitations).

As always, get mapping!

The EasyMapMaker Team