Increased map size and bug fix(es)

The premium map size has been increased from 10K to 15K entries when geo-coding is necessary.  This means it could take upwards of 8 minutes to generate a large map based on a rate of 35-40/addresses per second.  The quota was also increased.  Quotas are mainly to prevent abuse, we can remove used items from the quota if needed.  There was a lot of abuse in our old free system.

A big bug was also fixed in the image/pdf generator where it would be not add pins in certain cases and the size was larger than it should have been.  There are likely still some bugs with the pdf/image generator since it is fairly new and we haven’t tested all the kinds of maps that will be thrown at it.  Definitely let us know if there are issues with it.

As always, get mapping.

The EasyMapMaker Team