Premium Big Data Plan (closed)

There has been a lot of confusion with the premium big data plan, so this has been removed from new subscriptions.   This is still available for those who are already subscribed to it.  It supports up to 100K locations, but the latitude and longitude are required.  There was a lot of confusion about this plan since people would subscribe to it hoping to map 30K+ addresses without the latitude and longitude.  This takes too much time using the 50 address/second geo-coder.  A request has been put in with Google to increase this speed.

We are very sorry for the confusion this has created.  The premium plan with up to 15K locations per map is available.

The EasyMapMaker Team

Faster map loading for large data sets

We released another improvement to allow maps to load and perform much better when clustering is enabled for large data sets.  Maps with over 100K locations now work, but still have some lag.  The overall improvement for the initial loading of the pins has been improved by up to a factor of 100.  Please note this is not for map creation, it is after the map has been created for others to view. 

We recommend limiting maps to under 50K locations.  While having over 100K will work and perform reasonable well.  Large data sets (anything over 3K locations) should have clustering enabled otherwise.  Maps with over 20K locations without clustering will render very slowly.

A few other bugs were fixed as well.

The EasyMapMaker Team

P.S. As always get mapping!