Numbered marker pins

We added an option to have numbered marker pins.  This can be helpful if you have data listed below the page.  They will be numbered 1-99 when there are less than 100 pins available on the map.  If you have more than 99 items, filters or grouping can get the number down.   To add numbered pins, simply check the ‘Show Numbered Pins’ check box.

There were a couple other minor bugs that were fixed as well.  We have had some requests for customizations, including custom markers.  This is at the top of the list.

Enjoy and keep on mapping!

The EasyMapMaker Team.

Happy 1 year anniversary!

A year ago today we launched EasyMapMaker to allow for complex google maps to be made from excel (and spreadsheet) data. It’s been a great year, and we appreciate all the feedback and bugs that we have been notified about so they could be squashed. One of our goals is to be the best, free, and easiest to use map making tool on the internet. We plan to introduce more features and better documentation and tutorials to meet our goal.

Some of great features we have added through the first year:

  • Data exporting
  • nearby filter
  • directions
  • mobile and tablet locator (seeing your location on mobile like devices)
  • kml export
  • css override
  • custom image logo
  • other user requested features.

We also added some basic documentation and added a FAQ for some of the common questions that have been asked.

We always appreciate the feedback.

As usual, keep on mapping,

The EasyMapMaker Team

Custom logos, data exporting, search improvements

As requests for features came in and bugs were noticed, we decided to add more great stuff to maps.

There is now the ability to add a custom logo in place of the EasyMapMaker logo. In your map, simply add a logo parameter with an encoded url to the logo you want to use. For example:

In addition, a feature was added to advanced maps that will allow data on the map to be copied. Simply select the Export Data checkbox and you will see a link below the map that will display a form with the data when clicked. The data does not update as the map is updated, so you need to manually refresh it my clicking a link.

Various bugs were fixed as well, including issues with searching, marker pin labels, and paging on the marker bubble (description pop-up).

We have more great features planned including document, pdf and image export, and general pdf and image conversion tools.

Keep on mapping,
The EasyMapMaker Team

Map pin labels, mouse overs, css overrides

We just released some great updates and more bug fixes.  One change includes css overrides.  To take advantage of this great feature, add ?css=<encoded_url_to_css_file> to the map url.  Here is an example with a modified description font:

A label can now be added to the map pin.  The default color is the same color as the pin.  Map pin labels help to clearly identify distinct data on the map.  Pin labels can be used to show numbers, zip codes, prices, names, or any other information that needs to stand out right away to allow a map to reveal more information.

Another great feature is showing the title on a pin mouse over.  There were some font changes, which may not be such a good thing in this case.  A ‘big’ bug fix was the unnecessary scrolling for the marker information window that pops up.

A new tool was also added to support url encoding.  Please check out:

More updates to come.

As usual, keep on mapping.

The EasyMapMaker Team


Bulk Geocoding

We recently released a feature that will allow 2200 items to be geo-coded and added to the map with a click of a link.  After saving your map with 250 items, a link will be shown to allow other items to be automatically added to the map.  The bulk geocoder processes the items in increments of 250 items then automatically saves the data and starts again.  Once it is done you are directed to the edit page to make any modifications to the map.  Enjoy this great feature!

We have many more great features planned.  Please contact us for any features you would like to see.

The EasyMapMaker Team!

Happy New Year (2014)!

Happy new year to everyone.  We are pleased to have launched a great product in 2013. We look forward to adding some great improvements in 2014.  We plan to keep the mapping solution 100% free (no advertisements, no sales, no catch, nothing), simply a great user experience.

Keep up the mapping and send us feedback and suggestions.

The EasyMapMaker Team.

Store locator, distance filter, and more fixes

We are pleased to announced more great improvements to  Data can now be filtered based on location and distance with up to 999 km or miles from any location.  This allows for any map to be used a store locator (the search box can also be used to find the nearest location).  This is only available on our advanced maps.  To enable this feature, be sure to check the directions check box.  When the map renders, there is a more options image in the top left corner that will allow a left panel to be displayed.  When results are displayed below the page, the distance can be displayed next to the listings and results are sorted in order by distanced.   Another change was made to our filters.  The dynamic feature can be turned off so the list of available items to filter on remains static.  This was how was initially designed, but we wanted to also allow excel like filters.

In addition, we made some fixes to issues with Internet Explorer.   There are likely other issues, but we tried to get the low hanging fruit.  Other bug fixes include adding more locations to the edit page.

We have plenty of more great features in the pipeline and plan to offer some tutorials and more information on how to use our service, as well as to make it even easier.  We know this will be a challenge.

The EasyMapMaker Team.

P.S. Get Mapping!

Easier map editing, dynamic filters

As we try to continue to improve our service, we try to fix bugs and add new features in a timely manner.  Unfortunately it was a few months since we got to some great updates and fixes.

Some of the bug fixes include map editing.  Now all the data from the modified spreadsheet can be pasted and the original geo-coded address will automatically map to addresses that have not changed.  This is a great feature to geo-code 250 items at a time and add up to 2,500 item to the map per day.  There were also issues with removing pins from the map and always generating the KML.  Now KML is optional.  In addition there is an option to allow the mouse wheel to resize the map.

The filters, which can be set on the advanced maps, have been modified to be dynamic and the available filters should change based on the available data as other filters are selected.  This will allow filters to behave similar to filters in excel (all on your own custom google map).

Finally, some information pages have been built to help explain some of the features included in our service.  We have some great things planned including easier map management, tutorials, a FAQ, and more great support to map your data easier.

The EasyMapMaker team

Embedded Maps, KML generator (for google earth)

Unfortunately, there were some bug and features we didn’t get to.  Our latest release includes an updated email with KML for Google Earth and embedded map support to host maps on your site.  The map alias feature has improved as well.  After saving the map, an alias can be set for it.  Previously this could only be done in the edit page.  The original url will work, along with the alias.  There was also an issue of not clearing out aliases when maps were removed.  This should be fixed as well.

To embed a map to a webpage, simply put it in an iframe with the your as your map url, set the height and width to some desired values and your map should be sized correctly.

The KML for google earth should get automatically generated from your data.  This allows EasyMapMaker to be a great tool to convert data into KML and you can see the data differently as well.

The EasyMapMaker Team

Privacy Policy

EasyMapMaker does not share personal information other than what is needed to render maps via google. We only collect information that is necessary for you to access and use our services. We do not store any of your data until you save your map. You can delete the data and map at anytime. We will only look at data if requested to troubleshoot a problem. Other user information such as an email addresses are optional to save or use a map.

EasyMapMaker does collect information in our log files such as page views and ip addresses. EasyMapMaker may release personal information if required to by law, search warrant, subpoena, court order or fraud investigation.

In addition to the EasyMapMaker privacy policy, Google’s privacy policy ( applies as well.

EasyMapMaker may update this policy by posting changes on this page.