Map printing and save your map as a pdf file

With another great feature request comes another feature.  We added support for printing your map and saving it to pdf.  With clustering this only works nicely with Safari and Chrome.  To save your map in pdf go to the print menu (on your web browser) and save it to pdf instead of printing it.

In the longer term we have already started working on saving the map to an image or a pdf file with a mouse click or two.

As always, keep mapping and keep the suggestions coming.

The EasyMapMaker Team

More Features and improved map making videos

We got Albert to make some new videos for us with much better audio quality.  Thank you Albert!  The videos include the following:

  1. Making a basic map  (watch video)
  2. Making a map with more than 500 markers (watch video)
  3. Making an advanced map with custom pins, filtering, data exporting, distance filtering, and a custom logo (watch video).

A couple of features that were added are:

  1. Ability to move a single marker or all the markers that are at the same location.  This can be turned on/off at a whim.
  2. Now select the color for clustering when you add your own markers.

As always, keep on mapping!

The EasyMapMaker Team


Numbered marker pins

We added an option to have numbered marker pins.  This can be helpful if you have data listed below the page.  They will be numbered 1-99 when there are less than 100 pins available on the map.  If you have more than 99 items, filters or grouping can get the number down.   To add numbered pins, simply check the ‘Show Numbered Pins’ check box.

There were a couple other minor bugs that were fixed as well.  We have had some requests for customizations, including custom markers.  This is at the top of the list.

Enjoy and keep on mapping!

The EasyMapMaker Team.

Custom logos, data exporting, search improvements

As requests for features came in and bugs were noticed, we decided to add more great stuff to maps.

There is now the ability to add a custom logo in place of the EasyMapMaker logo. In your map, simply add a logo parameter with an encoded url to the logo you want to use. For example:

In addition, a feature was added to advanced maps that will allow data on the map to be copied. Simply select the Export Data checkbox and you will see a link below the map that will display a form with the data when clicked. The data does not update as the map is updated, so you need to manually refresh it my clicking a link.

Various bugs were fixed as well, including issues with searching, marker pin labels, and paging on the marker bubble (description pop-up).

We have more great features planned including document, pdf and image export, and general pdf and image conversion tools.

Keep on mapping,
The EasyMapMaker Team

Bulk Geocoding

We recently released a feature that will allow 2200 items to be geo-coded and added to the map with a click of a link.  After saving your map with 250 items, a link will be shown to allow other items to be automatically added to the map.  The bulk geocoder processes the items in increments of 250 items then automatically saves the data and starts again.  Once it is done you are directed to the edit page to make any modifications to the map.  Enjoy this great feature!

We have many more great features planned.  Please contact us for any features you would like to see.

The EasyMapMaker Team!