Map pin labels, mouse overs, css overrides

We just released some great updates and more bug fixes.  One change includes css overrides.  To take advantage of this great feature, add ?css=<encoded_url_to_css_file> to the map url.  Here is an example with a modified description font:

A label can now be added to the map pin.  The default color is the same color as the pin.  Map pin labels help to clearly identify distinct data on the map.  Pin labels can be used to show numbers, zip codes, prices, names, or any other information that needs to stand out right away to allow a map to reveal more information.

Another great feature is showing the title on a pin mouse over.  There were some font changes, which may not be such a good thing in this case.  A ‘big’ bug fix was the unnecessary scrolling for the marker information window that pops up.

A new tool was also added to support url encoding.  Please check out:

More updates to come.

As usual, keep on mapping.

The EasyMapMaker Team