Custom logos, data exporting, search improvements

As requests for features came in and bugs were noticed, we decided to add more great stuff to maps.

There is now the ability to add a custom logo in place of the EasyMapMaker logo. In your map, simply add a logo parameter with an encoded url to the logo you want to use. For example:

In addition, a feature was added to advanced maps that will allow data on the map to be copied. Simply select the Export Data checkbox and you will see a link below the map that will display a form with the data when clicked. The data does not update as the map is updated, so you need to manually refresh it my clicking a link.

Various bugs were fixed as well, including issues with searching, marker pin labels, and paging on the marker bubble (description pop-up).

We have more great features planned including document, pdf and image export, and general pdf and image conversion tools.

Keep on mapping,
The EasyMapMaker Team

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