Official Release of our Mapping Solution

We are pleased to announced the official release of the beta version of EasyMapMaker.  Our mapping software allows almost anyone to take spreadsheet or other excel like data and make a custom map.  The software was designed based on potential needs of real estate agents with the ability to filter data based on certain criteria.  Our mapping software allows for the creation of maps on a computer and visibility on other devices such as smart phones and tables.  We plan to improve our documentation, demos, features, map performance, and other things users want.

In addition to mobile maps, we offer clustering, searching, filtering, categorization, detailed descriptions of the markers along with the ability to hide or show data (in our advanced maps solution), on map directions, clustering of dense markers, and the option to show data on the page.  In addition to bug fixes, we have some great plans in the future, such as kml export support, route planning and batch directions, and many other things that should make for some amazing location based displayed.

We hope to offer our free map creation and hosting solution as a great alternative to many of the more expensive offerings.