Changes to the Basic (free) account

Some sad news for the basic/free accounts.  Unfortunately Google made changes and is eliminating its free license, which is what all the basic/free accounts are using.  The result is our costs will go up dramatically to offer the free version of our service.

A basic example is 500K map loads a month would be free, but with Google’s new pricing, 500K map loads will cost nearly $3,000/month.   Geo-coding is similar, what used to be free will now cost many thousands of dollars.

In addition to using Google’s free service, we have a premium license in order to offer high speed geo-coding and high resolution images, but those costs can’t be absorbed into the premium service.

The result of Google’s pricing change is we will limit basic maps to 5 per person with a maximum of 100 addresses and free maps will be limited to 100 views.  Email addresses will be required when saving a map.  Some free maps have had tens of thousands of views or even 100K, this is no longer feasible with Google’s pricing changes.

You can have maps with over 100 views if you signup for the pro or premium service.

Update on May 13, 2018.

The plan is leave the basic plan and free maps with the 250 pin limit and migrate high usage free maps to a provider other than Google.  The goal is to have this migration done as soon as possible.  Not all features will get migrated over to the new provider.  The overall goal is reduce map requests to Google by 75%.

Sorry for the change, but Google sprung their change on us quickly and we are still evaluating options after having a call with a rep about their changes.

The EasyMapMaker Team